06 Apr 2010

Web Designers in Bristol

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Every company wants to have a web presence and with good reason, as potential customers from all walks of live go online to find what they need, often even before setting foot in a store. It is very important that your company or business not only have a web presence but that it portrays your company just right. Your web page needs to not only portray a professional company that people would want to do business with, but this web page needs to be updated regularly so the prices and products listed are up to date. The page needs to be maintained so that it will work well; potential customers will be turned off by a website that does not work or does not show needed information. If you live in or around the Bristol area, then finding a web designer in Bristol should not be tall that hard; since this is a service that all companies need, there are many companies that cater to this need.

Following are some of the many companies (Not including Web Design Somerset) that that design web pages and do other similar work in the Bristol area. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a web design company. Sometimes, it is hard to see at a glance if the particular company you are considering is one that you want to do business with. It pays to go into the actual company and meet the people you would be working with and see how they do business and what their level of quality is, as well as what they can and can not do well. Seeing their prices also helps to know whether the particular company is affordable but you can not go by prices alone. As was mentioned above, you will not only need to have the site made but also changed and updated from time to time and you will continue to work with the web designer on this. So it is important that he or she be someone that you get on well with and feel good about working with.

Jet Web Design is one of the many good web design companies. They offer full web and graphic design services for all kinds of companies. One other particularly good service they offer is search engine optimisation. What this means is that when a potential customer gets online and does an internet search for something related to what you sell (for example, if you sell furniture and the person enters something along the lines of ‘furniture stores – Bristol area’), your business will be the first one on the list. This is very important as most people will click on the first listing at the top of a page. So the higher up you are, the more often your page will be visited and the more likely it is that you will get more customers.

4W Web Design is another good company in Bristol. They are quite small but have handled a lot of work from both local and international companies. Like Jet Web Design, they do website development and web and graphic design as well as search engine optimisation. One advantage to using a smaller company as opposed to a larger on is that it is more personal and it is often easier to get a hold of the person you need to work with.

Another option you can pursue is to hire a professional freelance web designer in Bristol as opposed to a company. This person would do the work either in your office or from home; if you need the person to travel you would most likely have to pay for the travel expenses. If the web designer is a professional and has experience then this could be a good alternative to hiring a company. An individual may also be easier to work with and his or her times and prices may be more flexible and open to negotiation.

These two companies are by no means the only ones – there are many others, such as Graphic Design Company UK, Clifton Web Design, Deckchair and Digital Visual. It is not hard to find companies that do this kind of work; the prices may vary depending on your exact needs and what the particular company charges but it is not hard to find something in Bristol that will suit your needs and your budget.

Before you hire a web designer you should have a good idea of what you need. You need to know what you want your company website to look like, how you want it designed, and what features it will have. This will streamline the process quite a lot. While you can go into hiring a company without a clear idea of what you want your web site to look like and have them start from scratch, it is a lot quicker and easier for the web company you hire to have at least a basic idea of what it is you are looking for.

Another thing you should be aware of is how search engine optimisation works and whether the web company you hire can really do a good job on it. You want your company name to appear in the top three when people search for common words or phrases related to your company. Some web design companies and individuals are better at this than others. One good way to tell is to do a search for web designers or web design companies in the Bristol area and see which ones come out on top; the ones that do are most likely the ones that are the best at search engine optimisation.

If you own a business or are setting up a business in the Bristol area, or one that will cater to customers in this area, then pay one of the above mentioned web designers in Bristol a visit and you may be pleasantly surprised at the high quality web page and features that your business or company will end up with.