28 Mar 2010

4 Essential Brand Design & Marketing Tips

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If the thought of preparing the flow chart for a company designed plan of action makes you break out in a cold sweat, the following information is intended to help you plan the design. Whether your plan is for an established company or for a new business, these simple steps will help you get the job done without feeling overwhelmed.

Brand Design & Marketing Tip No 1:  Choose an Influential Name

This is an essential and valuable step for creating your brand design & marketing strategy. You should select a name that expresses your company and gives an indication of your products or services. Choose a universal name that will allow your company to evolve with the changing times and remain productive. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website that sells consumer electronics, e-commerce selling can be used for the name of the company. If your products or services change over time, e-selling will still work for your company. It is important that customers can relate to products and remember the company’s name. Selecting a generic e-selling name will not interfere with adding new features and updates.

Brand Design & Marketing Tip No 2:  Create a Company Logo

The business logo that you create is just as important as the company name when you are launching a new product or company. Your logo should reflect the company’s image and display the type of font that you will be using. The fonts you choose can be bold and creative, or simple and traditional. The logo design and the font that you select will depend on your services or products. Use pleasing colours that will compliment and enhance your logo. Your company’s logo will be seen on business cards, letterheads, notebooks, and the company building. These factors should be carefully considered when designing your business logo. After your logo has been created, you will have to protect it against plagiarism. This can be done by inserting a service mark, or by having it registered. If your logo has been professionally designed, it can be skewed or stretched to prevent it from being compromised.

Brand Design & Marketing Tip No 3:  The Importance of Consistent Messaging

This step is not as easy as it sounds. Messaging must be properly handled and distributed throughout the company to avoid inner office problems. Office products and services can be described in different ways by different people. Messages must be consistent to avoid confusion. Office managers should hold regular meetings to modify product messaging for standard phrases, terms, and taglines for the company. Information such as the formation, history, and other specific details that help define the business should be detailed. After the information has been documented it must be distributed to office employees so they can relay the information in a clear and comprehensive manner. The complete company profile should be available on the website, in business brochures, and online blogs.

Brand Design & Marketing Tip No 4:  Consistent Look and Feel

Before you start an ad or marketing campaign to build a company’s brand design for trade exhibits, email blasts, or social networking groups, think about all of the customers that you want reach, and then plan the look of your designs. These easy to follow steps will help you to design an extensive flow chart of the strategies for your brand design.