18 Oct 2011

Building Company Burnham on Sea Site Launch

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If you have a plot of land and would like to build your dream house or build property as an investment, then Howard & Co is the builders for you

Builders Burnham-on-Sea

27 Apr 2011

Cleaning Company London

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New website lauched – cleaning company in London

13 Apr 2011

Lean Construction and Training Blog Launched

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lean construction blog and tips

07 Apr 2010

Portishead Marina – Website Photoshoot

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Capturing the ambience of the Portishead Marina, Bristol…

A great day for a photoshoot, sun, sea and seagulls, these photos will be used on a website for a new company in Portishead offering boat trips to and from Bristol.

Portishead Marina - Website Design PhotoshootPortishead Marina - Website Design PhotoshootPortishead Marina -boats - Website Design PhotoshootPortishead Marina image

06 Apr 2010

Web Designers in Bristol

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Every company wants to have a web presence and with good reason, as potential customers from all walks of live go online to find what they need, often even before setting foot in a store. It is very important that your company or business not only have a web presence but that it portrays your company just right. Your web page needs to not only portray a professional company that people would want to do business with, but this web page needs to be updated regularly so the prices and products listed are up to date. The page needs to be maintained so that it will work well; potential customers will be turned off by a website that does not work or does not show needed information. If you live in or around the Bristol area, then finding a web designer in Bristol should not be tall that hard; since this is a service that all companies need, there are many companies that cater to this need.

Following are some of the many companies (Not including Web Design Somerset) that that design web pages and do other similar work in the Bristol area. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a web design company. Sometimes, it is hard to see at a glance if the particular company you are considering is one that you want to do business with. It pays to go into the actual company and meet the people you would be working with and see how they do business and what their level of quality is, as well as what they can and can not do well. Seeing their prices also helps to know whether the particular company is affordable but you can not go by prices alone. As was mentioned above, you will not only need to have the site made but also changed and updated from time to time and you will continue to work with the web designer on this. So it is important that he or she be someone that you get on well with and feel good about working with.

Jet Web Design is one of the many good web design companies. They offer full web and graphic design services for all kinds of companies. One other particularly good service they offer is search engine optimisation. What this means is that when a potential customer gets online and does an internet search for something related to what you sell (for example, if you sell furniture and the person enters something along the lines of ‘furniture stores – Bristol area’), your business will be the first one on the list. This is very important as most people will click on the first listing at the top of a page. So the higher up you are, the more often your page will be visited and the more likely it is that you will get more customers.

4W Web Design is another good company in Bristol. They are quite small but have handled a lot of work from both local and international companies. Like Jet Web Design, they do website development and web and graphic design as well as search engine optimisation. One advantage to using a smaller company as opposed to a larger on is that it is more personal and it is often easier to get a hold of the person you need to work with.

Another option you can pursue is to hire a professional freelance web designer in Bristol as opposed to a company. This person would do the work either in your office or from home; if you need the person to travel you would most likely have to pay for the travel expenses. If the web designer is a professional and has experience then this could be a good alternative to hiring a company. An individual may also be easier to work with and his or her times and prices may be more flexible and open to negotiation.

These two companies are by no means the only ones – there are many others, such as Graphic Design Company UK, Clifton Web Design, Deckchair and Digital Visual. It is not hard to find companies that do this kind of work; the prices may vary depending on your exact needs and what the particular company charges but it is not hard to find something in Bristol that will suit your needs and your budget.

Before you hire a web designer you should have a good idea of what you need. You need to know what you want your company website to look like, how you want it designed, and what features it will have. This will streamline the process quite a lot. While you can go into hiring a company without a clear idea of what you want your web site to look like and have them start from scratch, it is a lot quicker and easier for the web company you hire to have at least a basic idea of what it is you are looking for.

Another thing you should be aware of is how search engine optimisation works and whether the web company you hire can really do a good job on it. You want your company name to appear in the top three when people search for common words or phrases related to your company. Some web design companies and individuals are better at this than others. One good way to tell is to do a search for web designers or web design companies in the Bristol area and see which ones come out on top; the ones that do are most likely the ones that are the best at search engine optimisation.

If you own a business or are setting up a business in the Bristol area, or one that will cater to customers in this area, then pay one of the above mentioned web designers in Bristol a visit and you may be pleasantly surprised at the high quality web page and features that your business or company will end up with.

03 Apr 2010

Marketing and blogging with iphone

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Here we go! First attempt at a post using the iPhone wordpress app while in the back of a car heading for Bristol!

Let’s see how this works out, straight forward enough, ideal for when your on long train journeys to London, Cornwall etc where there’s not a great deal to do!

Great for short posts or creating drafts to finish using a standard keyboard as it can be quite tedious typing on the iPhone keypad, lots of scrolling to edit or check the start of the post but overall very handy and I give a 5/5 rating and it’s free!

Well done WordPress!

28 Mar 2010

Print Production for Websites – The Benefits

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Did you know that when it comes to improving your website, it doesn’t always have to be done online? Yes, that is a fact. There are certain things that you can do offline which should be able to bring more attention to your website and at the same time, establish your brand even further. Here’s a thought, have you ever walked around the library, the mall, the community hall or even on campus and saw those bulleting boards that have all sorts of advertisements posted on them? Well, have you ever considered advertising your website on one of those bulletin boards? You may not think much of them but these are actually effective places to get the word out about your website. This is referred to as print production and it would certainly be a great addition to your website design.

Now, all of these sounds really good and quite easy to do but that is not the case at all. The thing is that for print and production to be effective, a website owner would require catchy material. It has to be something that would pique people’s interests and make them curious enough to check out your website. One of the best ways to get started with doing something like this is by talking to a print production company who would be able to advise you on the options that are available to you. These are the people who would be able to create a concept that is suitable to your needs.

One of the services that you could certainly benefit from is graphic print production. As we have mentioned earlier, you need these printed advertisements to be as eye-catching and attention grabbing as possible in order for it to be noticed in the sea of other advertisements posted in these boards. Of course, besides posting advertisements up on bulletin boards, you can also give out flyers in locations where you feel like your target market is. For example, if your website is aimed at teenagers then you simply go to the places where they usually hang out and give out the flyers there. Just keep in mind that these flyers have to look professional and must contain the necessary information required to create a genuine buzz about your website.

When it comes to finding a print productions company, there are plenty out there that are very capable of handling these things and could easily work with any budget that you might. So regardless of the size of your business, whether you’re a big company or one that’s only starting out, you could still take advantage of this opportunity to promote your website further. Another great thing that you could add to your web design is the option to download certain printable files such as copies of your flyers, posters or even stickers which loyal customers or even fans of your products could use.

Print production may not be as commonly used but it doesn’t mean that it is any less effective. If done right and professionally, it could be a very efficient way for you to market your brand and establish your presence both online and offline.

28 Mar 2010

Search Engine Marketing

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New-comers to Internet marketing and the seasoned internet marketer alike can be confused by the mysteries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This article will provide a basic SEO primer to Internet marketing, capturing the essence of how to drive prospects and customers to your website.

SEO is very simply defined as any process that improves the frequency of search engines finding a site through the natural process of running their standard search algorithm. SEO is a separate method of increasing visibility from Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM increases website visibility during searches not from the organic results but from paid inclusion, generally in the form of sponsored links. Key terms to remember are “natural” and “organic” search results. These are critical in that once achieved, if maintained they can reduce the budget required for SEM, while still keeping a website a key business generator.

By understanding the role SEO plays in partnership with search engines, a savvy Internet marketer can leverage the power of organic search to drive conversion and profits. Organic search conversion is how often a person finds a site through search and takes the required action for them to be considered the equivalent of a sale or prospect for that site.

Higher page ranking is the ultimate goal of SEO, a critical metric in Internet Marketing. Page one is the placement that can drive customers and conversions to any given website. Critical to understanding search results is the concept of relevancy. The search engine algorithms calculate the relevancy of the site content versus the given set of search terms and rank the results based on that metric. Higher relevancy equals higher search results. Most consumers never go past the second page of Google search results to find their target site. This common consumer behaviour makes page one listing the primary SEO goal for any web content manager.

The current gold standard in page rank is Google PageRank. Google uses an algorithm that determines the perceived value to the user of that site. In determining value, Google weighs heavily on the concept of traffic going to a site from back linking. Backlink traffic is any web traffic from another, preferably high-ranking site. The current PageRank standing of the site with the link calculates into the overall “value” of the traffic. Links from trusted or higher ranked sites increase the PageRank of your site.

Critical Areas Of Your Site That Google Looks At

Content is king when reaching for the optimum PageRank. Google controls more than 85% of the search traffic world wide. That said, Google holds a clear preference for websites with three critical content keys:

1. Genuine value-added content that provides the information users want or need.

2. Keywords must be visible to the search engine in the heading portion or title HTML of main page.

3. The right ration of keywords to content. Too heavily seeded content fails the SEO concentration “spam check” integrated into the Goggle algorithms.

To summarize the key take-away points for this primer:

Search engine optimization is a critical aspect of internet marketing.

What SEO provides is the properly formatted content to increase the visibility of a website to users around the world. From visibility naturally flows increased traffic volume and traffic quality on your website.

Because PageRank is so critical to your website displaying on initial search results page, attention to the drivers of Google PageRank are critical to increased traffic: value added content for the user, terms easy for the search engines to find with placement in title and header sections of HTML, and without the overkill typical of search term overuse.

28 Mar 2010

The Advantages Of Professional Video Production

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Professional videographers are in high demand, and manage video production for a wide variety of events. These can range from weddings, to small business commercials; as well as short films and marketing messages. Producing quality video in this competitive field is essential, no matter what the occasion.

Finding a Video Production Company

Searching for a video production company may be a confusing task, especially for a person unsure of what to look for. The individual who needs to produce a small video for a presentation will have different needs than a surf wear company who wants to create footage for their website.

To find a company doing exactly the type of work needed, research videos similar to those which will be produced. It should be easy to find the business name of the video company who made the production by watching the footage.

Look for the Niche

The other method of narrowing a search is to find people who specialize. Many businesses create a niche market with training videos, new employee corporate welcomes, infomercials for direct selling, and more. A perfect example of going to a specialist for the job is when someone needs a wedding video: Only the specialist in this field would be sought out to produce the memories of this special day.

One of the largest markets for these businesses is the creation of marketing spots; but TV commercials, production of news for YouTube or a professional blog, and the making of music videos, are all big business as well.

Do not be intimidated by the calibre of the work made by more prestigious companies. Many of these companies use their hottest selling, or highest profile work for advertising their business, but the majority of what they shoot may be smaller events. While famous names may bring in the business, it is the consistency of small jobs which pays the bills.

Customer Service is Always Priority When Looking Into Video Production

Regardless of whose wedding a video team worked for, or what giant corporate mogul sought them out for exclusive work at their company, a production team should never be too big to give good customer service.

Work only with businesses that treat the needs of every client with equal attention. For large companies this is important, and for small companies, it is vital to their survival. For example, a wedding company is likely to get most of their business from referrals, and must treat every client accordingly.

For any production, professional assistance is highly recommended. Even a small wedding ceremony can benefit from a skilled videographer’s hand; and to leave a business presentation or marketing video in the hands of an amateur is asking for it to fail.

Experts in the field of video production will save a business or individual consumer time and money. More importantly, a much higher quality piece of work will be created.

28 Mar 2010

Photography: The Basics

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Photography is a rewarding hobby to take up, but it can be difficult when starting out. New photographers often struggle with things like composition and lighting. Both of these things take a lot of practice, and some trial and error is necessary.

The best place to begin when getting into the basics of photography is getting very accustomed to your camera. Read through the camera manual, practice using it on different settings, take pictures of a variety of things–landscapes, close ups, portraits, night shots–to get a variety of experience. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics, you can move on to more advanced things, like composition.

Picture Composition

When working with the composition of a picture, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure the scene you are photographing is composed exactly as you want it before shooting. A scene that is too “busy” can be distracting, so make sure everything in the scene works well together and remove any unwelcome elements before taking the picture.

Cropping Your Photograph

The cropping is important here, too. If the main object (be it a person, an animal, or anything else) is too far away from the camera or surrounded by too many distractions, it’s best to move into a tighter crop to ensure that the viewer’s attention is drawn towards the main subject. The same goes for if there is too much empty space around the subject–again, this can take away from the overall effect, and you should go for a closer crop here as well.

Lighting In Photography

Lighting is another tricky element when it comes to taking pictures. When there is not enough light for a picture, it comes out dark, muddy, and grainy. With too much light, the highlights get blown out and important objects, such as a subject’s face, lose all detail. That’s why it’s good to experiment with light. Natural light that is not direct is very good for taking pictures. If taking pictures of a person or people outside on sunny day, do not position them in direct sunlight but rather in the shade. This will give you just enough light to work with without leaving your subjects overexposed. On a lightly cloudy day, it is often easier to take pictures outside since the light is naturally soft and diffuse.

When taking pictures indoors on a sunny day, shooting near a window that’s not getting direct light is a good idea. For more hard lighting when indoors on a rainy day or at night, consider using a bare bulb in a lamp or a holder of some sort. You will want to experiment with the distance between the bulb and subject, as well as placing the bulb above, below, and beside of your subject, to find out what placement works best. What you are going for here is enough light for the camera to capture the subject, but not so much light that the details get lost. Shadows can be good here when used correctly. Too much shadow obscures too much of the subject, but a little bit of shadow adds some drama and tension to the picture.

Just keep in mind that the most important part of practicing photography is just that–practicing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t be afraid to disregard the rules once in a while. Just keep taking pictures and trying different things and you’ll keep getting better.